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What tablet/program do you use to draw?

As of late 2022, I am now using a iPad Pro and Procreate! Previously I was using a Cintiq Pro with Paint Tool Sai. If you're looking for cheaper recommendations, most cheap PC tablets work great (even ones ranging for $30), I used a screenless tablet for about 7 years when I was first starting digital art. Programs I recommend are Clip Studio Paint (paid, but affordable) and Fire Alpaca (free)

How long have you been drawing?

I've always loved art, but I started to become more serious about it around 2008. You might be able to tell in my art style though, lol.

Who taught you how to draw?

I'm almost entirely self taught through the internet and books! I have been to a few different classes but they were very basic and things I already knew (for example; color theory)

So what does Moozua mean?

For awhile I went by 'Moo' but I realized there was already a few artists with the tag, so around age 15 I added 'zua'. I wish there was a cooler meaning to it.

How long do your drawings take?

3-8hrs reguarly, but I've had large pieces hit 28hrs total.

Can I use your artwork as my icon, wallpaper, etc?

If it's fan art, please go ahead! You don't need to ask. If it's possible to credit me I would appreciate if you did!  However I would prefer you don't do this with commissions, since I do not have ownership over those pieces.

Can I get a tattoo of your art?

If it's fan art, sure! Please show me if you do. 

Can I use your artwork as base?

Probably not. 

Can I make a meme with your art?

As long as it's not mean-spirited that's totally fine! 

Do you do art trades?

Sometimes with friends/mutuals but not very often these days. Unfortunately I only have so much free art time lately, and I prefer to spend it working on my own projects! 

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